Our Services

  • Staff at the Geneva Mission may be of assistance if you get into difficulties while in Switzerland.  Within certain limitations we can:
  • Give you guidance when in trouble with the primary aim of giving a proper orientation.
  • Help arrange for the issue of an emergency or replacement passport if considered necessary.
  • Help you to contact relatives or friends in Trinidad and Tobago to arrange a money transfer, if you get into financial difficulties.
  • Provide you with *list of undertakers in the case of the death of a loved one, and assist you to contact family and friends.
  • The provision of the list shall not constitute a recommendation or guarantee of the service provided, and the Geneva Mission and / or the Ambassador shall not be liable for any action arising from the provision of such service.
  • There are limits, however, to what we can do.  For instance, we cannot:
  • Pay your hotel, travel or other bills, bail or medical expenses. .
  • Help you with arrangements which would normally be handled by local entities, e.g. banks, lawyers, travel agents, undertakers.
  • Give you legal advice or get you out of prison.
  • Assure you of prison or hospital conditions better than that accorded a citizen or legal resident.
  • Give you a loan, other than in a real emergency and only after the deposit of equivalent funds into the treasury by family or friends in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Trace missing persons or investigate a crime.  These are police matters.
  • Operate a personal mail service for you. .


Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago
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